Nyamukabooks is a Cloud Based Accounting solution meant to serve Africa’s Micro Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs). We are currently testing with real users and getting feedback with plans to officially launch in the last quarter of 2020.

HanJex Creatives

It's a fast uprising Fashion Designing Label or Studio known for its trend driven and core-designed styles with affodable prices. Founded by three young well seasoned enterprenuers. Our goal is to make you feel good by looking good.


For students who don’t get concepts the first time through the traditional way of learning or have problems with remembering lessons, our solution is to help students learn the same thing but in a different way by supplementary lessons with music to enhance learning and memory (retention through entertainment).Seeking Partners and Investors.

Top Destinations

Our Mission is to market Africa to Africa and to the rest of the World. In addition to a youthful workforce, Africa is rich with Minerals, land for Agriculture, affordable Conferencing Facilities and Holiday Destinations. We aim to promote Africa as an Investment Destination. We seek partnerships.


Chiremba is a health startup that seeks to revolutionize the health care system in Africa by making it affordable and accessible to all in line with SDG 3 in the long run and in the short term we aim to reduce the spread of Covid19. Our highly demanded platform is still work in progress and we are aiming to launch it by the last quarter of the year.

Smart Revision

ACE SMART TECHNOLOGIES LTD is the largest and most comprehensive technology company in Zambia that focuses on education-based services. We have onboarded more than 25,000 users, managed 50 teachers offering services in more than 80 subject areas, and has collaborated with Zamtel, Examinations Council of Zambia(ECZ) and the Ministry of Education in Zambia. We provide elearning services, the favourite being Smart Revision. It is an online self-learning platform with ECZ past papers and solutions

Tivale Mall

Tivale.com is an E-commerce Marketplace, which allows different sellers of authentic goods and products, both essential and non-essential in Zambia and Zimbabwe to list their products on an online platform. Tivale.com allows buyers in Zambia and Zimbabwe and around the world to find the products and brands they are most interested in on the website. The mall being an E-commerce platform will showcase the goods and products to a large customer base hence it will help establish and grow market for its vendors on a digital platform. Categories offered on the mall include but are not limited to Clothing, Shoes, Health and fitness, Accessories, Home & living, Arts and Crafts and Vintage.


KuBitX is an Engineering focus Startup,built KBX wallet, an alternative remittance solution to enable global African migrants, travelers, students and businesses to send or receive intra Africa cross border value transfer using local currencies without the FX, faster and cheaper. Currently piloting Ghana and Nigeria. Africa can’t keep using foreign currency to do business and travel in Africa. Out technology makes it possible to spend one currency in another country effortlessly once replicated across.